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Some people come into the world predisposed to an idea and lifestyle, while others find their way there. Oriaum co-founder Jessica Arent stumbled into it. Her mother, a Holocaust survivor born and raised in Shanghai, China, often cured the common cold or other ailments with natural remedies. As a young woman, however, Jessica rebelled, and part of the rebellion included following a diet that was high in cholesterol, sugar, salt, and fats.


A few years later, at just 28 years old and 306 pounds, Jessica was out of shape, unhealthy, and full of aches, pains, and ailments. Suffering from emotional issues, she used food to soothe herself, and it wasn't long before psychological pain began to surface.


One day, Jessica's daughter exited preschool and looked around at all the other moms waiting for their children. In a very raw, vulnerable, and honest moment, the child turned to her mother and asked, "Mama, are you fat?"


This would mark the first day of the rest of Jessica's life. She began to understand that the concept of a life well-lived in health was more than just the diet she consumed, and that she would need to be consistent in her choices in order to enjoy a lifetime of good health.


In the years that followed, Jessica sought out nutritionists, fitness experts, health and wellness coaches, and trauma specialists, and it wasn't long before her life choices became a lifestyle. She began to include clean, natural textiles, mineral-based cosmetics, and natural selections, and spent a great deal of time focusing on her mental stability and wellness. She understood that if her mind, body, and soul weren't in harmony, she would never be healthy.


Today, Jessica prides herself on the lifestyle she has lived in the years since that fateful day. She is now known for her positive outlook, strong resilient character, and perseverance in overcoming life's most challenging obstacles. When asked why she looks younger than her age, why her disposition is always happy and positive, and why she seems to take life in stride with little stress--despite the circumstances surrounding her on any given day--Jessica will quickly cite her commitment to "mind, body, and soul" wellness. Jessica will also tell you it isn't one thing, but a combination of things that promote excellence in health every day.


And then, Jessica met Oriaum co-founder Dr. Swathi. Dr. Swathi was raised in a home where natural methods of healing were prioritized over Western medicine. Her father, a renowned Naturopathic practitioner in India, raised her in the practice of yoga, meditation, intermittent fasting, deep sleep, and nutrition. In sum, Ayurveda - Harmony and Balance. In fact, Dr. Swathi has very few memories of medicinal treatment from a doctor other than a few sutures for childhood accidents.


Today, Dr. Swathi has more than two years of experience in clinical medicine, which she blends with the traditional style in Ayurveda, finding a balance in preventive care and palliative care moving forward. She is very attuned to both the present and the past and takes pride in her skills in healing, passed down from one generation to the next, as the profession can be traced through her family history to healers in villages predating modern medicine.


These two women came together in search of solutions in healthcare covering everything: anti-aging, joint and muscular pain, depression, anxiety, weight management, chronic disease-related pain and insomnia, hair loss, and premature skin degradation.


As Jessica came to understand Dr. Swathi's protocols in product development and formulation, the perfect duo was formed, and so began Oriaum. So many issues emerge from the modern lifestyle choices of mankind, from toxic pollutants to toxins in our food sources, while few solutions (that do not involve invasive, chemically dominant products) exist.


Tackling the whole of the body for solutions that didn't incur additional side effects but instead heal the body from the inside out was the primary objective of this team.


Dr. Swathi, a practitioner in the art and science of Ayurvedic medicine, saw the mission and ideals of the formulas Jessica had in mind and set to work to provide unique, healthy, and healthful solutions that could easily be delivered into the body! This combination of passionate women, merging decades of life experiences, set out to improve the lives of other women (and men) all over the world, naturally. Together, they developed some of the world's best Ayurvedic solutions to common health issues that, with a healthy lifestyle, can be avoided entirely.


Developing healthful products that aid in sleeping, cognizance, focus, energy, and pain management, and providing authentic, natural products that work, is the core of the mission of the brand.


Everything about the Oriaum story speaks to nurturing, compassion, empathy, and love. The logo epitomizes a woman in her most authentic self: natural, nurturing, healing, and full of love to share for all of humanity.

In an evolving world, it is more important than ever to find the best version of ourselves so we can make our own unique impression on the world, one healthy experience after the next. Oriaum can take you there!

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