Shanti (Peace)

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In Sanskrit, Shanti means Peace and Calm which holds immense significance in today’s world of constant overstimulation. With an abundance of information coming at us at the speed of light, we are often akin to computers continuously downloading data.

However, it is impossible to achieve a state of healing and inner balance without peace and calm. Once we discover this peaceful state, we become clear minded and can focus on being productive in all aspects of our lives.

Brahmi or Gotu Kola, Shankhapushpi or Morning Glory, and Guduchi or Indian Tinospora are traditional Ayurvedic Medhya Rasayana herbs known for their rejuvenating effects on the mind. When combined with Ashwagandha or Indian winter cherry, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, and Lavender hydrosol, these nootropics can help regulate cortisol levels, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of tranquility. Our formulation is designed to achieve a state of calmness without causing any side effects like drowsiness or confusion, which are commonly observed with anti-anxiety remedies.

Store it in a cool and dark place (cabinet) away from direct sunlight. Ambient room temperature (70 degrees F) Keep out of reach of children.

Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Indian Winter Cherry Root Extract, Gotu Kola Leaf Extract, Indian Tinospora Stem Extract, Morning Glory Plant Extract, Lavender Hydrosol.

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Key Ingredients

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - Phyto-cannabinoid rich extracts are recognized for their composition of molecules that mimic endocannabinoids, a vital system found in the mammalian that regulates our balance and promotes homeostasis; our ability to function from an optimal performance level under any circumstances.

Phyto-cannabinoids are the plant solution to the endocannabinoid system. A complex system of molecules that, when expressed from the hemp plant, mimic the body’s natural cannabinoid expression to signal messages for healing action that lead to “homeostasis”. The ability to function at optimum performance under the most stressful conditions.
Cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, CBD and many more (more than 400) offer possible benefits yet undiscovered.

Ashwa in Sanskrit means horse, and that is where the herb derives its name from. It is a herb that can make a person as energetic, and agile as a horse. The withanolides present in Ashwagandha play an important role in reducing the cortisol i.e. the stress hormones in the body.

Known with many Sanskrit synonyms like Aindri, Saraswati, this herb is a proven nootropic, and an anxiolytic. This is the herb of choice in Ayurveda to calm the mind, and reduce stress, which inturn have a huge negative impact on the physical body.

One amongst the four medhya rasayanas/Nootropic herbs mentioned in Charaka Samhita, Guduchi is not only a potent immuno-modulatory drug but also a very anxiolytic.

One amongst the four medhya rasayanas/Nootropic herbs mentioned in Charaka Samhita, Guduchi is not only a potent immuno-modulatory drug but also a very anxiolytic.

One of the most used oils in aromatherapy, lavender acts as a stress buster. It is known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, and in general is considered to be a soothing agent for the mind

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The FDA cautions that we cannot tell you our products will have definitive results, because herbal and traditional medicine is not yet recognized in the United States like it is in other countries.

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Compliant extracted hemp oil rich with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, such as CBD. Defined as Hemp by classification, this product contains less than .3% total THC per the regulations set forth in the United States Farm Bill of 2018.

The truth is,everyone is different and their unique genetic makeup determines how the body processes the THC molecules. While there is no hallucination associated with these minute amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) there is a risk,if drug tested, the molecule will show present, however there are no reported adverse effects with this ingredient or product.

Yes! Sourced from reputable licensed providers from around the world, our ingredients are legal and traced for your safety and assurance!

As with all changes to lifestyle, we recommend consulting a doctor first before introducing anything new into your routine.
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